Bella Xoxo

First Impressions Bella Cole is her name and her site is Bella Xoxo. She greets us in a tank top that says ?I Love Fucking? and it sets the tone for a site that´s going to be wonderfully dirty. There are preview pictures on the main page of her sucking dick and playing with toys. She´s in stockings and looking sexy. She´s a total babe, in other words. The preview video has her sucking and fondling and toy banging. The doggy style in the shower is pretty hot. This girl is a full fledged pornstar and she has her own site on which to do everything. Plus, all content here is exclusive. Hot Promises Bella promises that she does a little bit of everything in her site and based on the first page of the tour alone that seems to be the case. There´s lesbian sex, hardcore fucking and sucking, and solo play. What more do you need? Just browsing the sample pictures shows that she changes her look pretty often, too. It´s surprising how different she appears depending on her hair style and color. It´s also awesome. She promises webcam shows, videos for download, zip files of her picture galleries, and much more. It looks like a good site so I can´t wait to see more. Round-Up Bella Cole has worked for many of the adult industry´s top companies and she runs her own site where she shares her sexual skills with her fans. When you enter there´s a surprisingly honest and well-written note from Bella welcoming you to Bella XOXO and talking a little about her life as a pornstar. If you visit the journal page you can read plenty more about her and her daily life, although it hasn´t been updated in five months. I would guess she won´t be updating that again but it goes back to 2008 so there´s more than enough information. The site´s design is smart, slick, and simple and makes it easy to get around. At the top of every page you´ll find the navigation bar that takes you to the pictures, videos, journal, webcam, and extras pages. The galleries are organized 16 to a page and there are currently more than 240 to choose from. The last update was on October 17, which is more than two months ago at this point. All signs point to Bella XOXO no longer being updated but it´s hard to tell for sure. I believe she´s gone away for a while in the past only to come back with more fresh updates for the fans. Bella has roughly 150 videos and they´re organized 18 to a page with a thumbnailed picture and a brief title to help you choose the one you want to watch. When you visit a video page you can watch it in the Flash player or download it in WMV and Flash. Roughly half the videos are in HD and the others in a high resolution SD. The only low quality videos are the webcam archives, but that´s to be expected. I like playing them in the browser. It´s a high quality stream and looks good so there´s no reason not to use what they´ve given you. Bella has been online since 2008 and she has always produced high resolution picture galleries. She always looks beautiful thanks to a careful attention to makeup, hair, and outfits, too. The vast majority of the picture galleries are solo so don´t get too excited about hardcore fucking. Of course, she´s so beautiful and talented that there´s great pleasure to be found in seeing her play solo and get frisky with herself. Bella Cole is fucking hot. We all know that. When a fucking hot girl gets on camera in a sexy lingerie set or a skimpy outfit and poses for us it´s a damn pleasure. When she masturbates it´s even better. Bella does all of those things. I´m a fan of the variety she provides in her outfits. Lingerie sets, slutty bikinis, tight tops, dresses, and other skimpy looks are popular here and they all end up on the ground as she gets naked in every set because she desires access to her pussy. There are a few outdoor picture galleries and a change in location is always fun, particularly if it comes with some pussy play. The videos might prove even more arousing since they show the beautiful Bella XOXO in action. The movies are divided between cam shows and stuff she produced specifically for the website. The webcam shows always end up interesting because she really loves to tease and she´s great at it. Stripping, touching, naughty rubbing, and much more are a thrill to behold. Plus, they last a fairly long time as she does her best to entertain the audience and she succeeds. I like how much she moans and groans as she masturbates. It´s incredibly hot to listen to and to watch as s a dildo or her fingers slide into her soaking wet pussy and deliver immense pleasure. The hardcore sex that was promised on the tour doesn´t really show up in the member´s area outside of a few sets. I counted two videos and no more than a handful of picture galleries. There´s a little more girl-girl content but by and large this is a solo girl site, so prepare for that. For a pornstar you´d think she would fuck more often, but perhaps that´s more expensive to produce and they folks behind the site weren´t interested. Bella is totally hot but I wish she did more fuck and suck action. Webcam shows are a part of your membership and even though Bella doesn´t do them anymore there are still plenty to entertain you. You typically get 2-3 shows a day from a variety of hot solo girls. Only members can access them so there´s some exclusivity. Typically a fair number of guys are in the show but you can still chat some with the girl and they all do their best to entertain. Considering how sexy most of the girls are it shouldn´t be hard to get off. The extras section is limited to wallpapers. Croco´s Opinion Bella XOXO has the advantage of having been online since 2008, which means there´s plenty of content to enjoy. More than 240 galleries and 150 videos are available and the work is high quality throughout. Bella Cole is the star of the show and outside of a handful of hardcore and lesbian sets it´s all solo content. She dresses in sexy outfits, she maintains her amazingly hot body, and she uses it to entertain us with masturbation, stripping, dancing, and more. She knows what turns guys on and she puts it to use with deft skill. Unless you´re dead set on hardcore content this is a great site and well worth a visit. She no longer updates but the daily webcam shows from various hot babes make an ongoing membership a pretty good deal. Navigation The site is well-designed and easy to navigate, making it a pleasure to use. Pricing Policy It´s $24.95 for 30 days non-recurring and you can pay $44.00 for 90 days non-recurring.